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Automobile Accidents in West Virginia

We jump into the car to get to work, to go to the grocery store, to drop the kids off at school. Most people take their car for granted—but this can change in a second if there is an accident. Any car wreck is a shock. An auto accident that results in physical injury or trauma to you or your passengers can be devastating—emotionally and financially.

The experienced car wreck attorneys at Kaufman & McPherson, PLLC can help you get the insurance reimbursement that you are entitled to receive, whether it is to pay for medical bills or bring a West Virginia personal injury law suit.

Some standard procedures for accident reports and insurance claims

There are some standard procedures for filing an accident report and insurance claims if you are in an auto accident in West Virginia. These include the following:

  • Reporting: Report the accident as soon as possible, and provide your insurance company with documentation, including damage to your car and any injuries sustained by you or your passengers.
  • Seek medical attention: Make sure you get appropriate medical care. This is essential not only for your health but because the doctor will record the details of your injury. Such records are often used by attorneys when pursuing the fair compensation you deserve for the damages you suffer.
  • Submit your claim: Be careful not to give the insurance company any of your medical information that is not related to the accident, since they might try to use this to reduce the amount of your claim.

The insurance company’s claims adjustor will review the material you provide and may also conduct his or her own investigation of the accident before sending you a settlement offer. Generally, this offer will be on the low side since it is in the best interests of the insurance company to try and minimize the amount it pays out. You can often negotiate for a higher amount. If the offer is unacceptable, the accident attorneys at Kaufman & McPherson, PLLC can represent you in court and make a convincing case for compensatory damages.

In some cases, your medical expenses due to a car accident will exceed the amount available through your insurance policy. If the other driver was at fault for the accident, West Virginia law allows you to sue that driver for punitive damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

Skilled West Virginia auto accident lawyers

The skilled West Virginia auto accident attorneys at Kaufman & McPherson, PLLC can advise you about the right steps to take to get reimbursed for medical bills and guide you through the red tape of negotiating with your insurance company. Is fault an issue? If you decide to file a West Virginia personal injury lawsuit against the other driver, you will need reliable legal counsel. Was the accident caused by negligence (for instance, by the auto manufacturer)? Is the insurance company’s offer taking everything into count—all your medical expenses, including long-term therapy or care you might require, lost wages, and pain and suffering?

Let your automobile accident lawyer in West Virginia at Kaufman & McPherson, PLLC advise you about the ramifications of liability and damages that might be involved in your auto accident in West Virginia.

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