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Common Misconceptions About an Auto Accident Lawsuit in West Virginia

West Virginia law is too complicated to trust your own ideas about what you can and cannot do to pursue compensation after a car wreck. Yet, every day, people fail to take appropriate action based on common misconceptions.

Typical misconceptions

  • I was partially at fault, so I cannot collect for my injuries:  West Virginia comparative negligence law requires negligent individuals to pay based on the degree to which they were negligent. Under the West Virginia modified comparative fault rule, you can receive compensation as long as you were less than 50 percent responsible for the accident.
  • The other driver is facing criminal prosecution, so I cannot file a lawsuit:  The most common example of this would be if your accident involved a severely drunk driver or a repeat offender. Although the timing of your automobile accident lawsuit in West Virginia may be affected, you can still file a civil case—in fact, you can collect damages even if the other driver has been acquitted. Skilled auto accident lawyers in West Virginia have the experience needed to handle this situation appropriately.
  • I do not need a lawyer:  In some instances, you may be able to handle your own case. One example would be when you want to file a simple insurance claim for minor auto accident injury in West Virginia. But, the laws can be complicated, and it never hurts to use free consultations with auto accident lawyers in West Virginia to find out if they can help you collect more compensation than you can collect on your own.

How a West Virginia automobile accident attorney can help

The highly qualified West Virginia car wreck attorneys at Kaufman & McPherson, PLLC have the experience to recommend the best next steps to take to protect your interests. Even in cases of relatively minor injury, our attorneys have the negotiation skills needed to achieve full and fair compensation from insurance companies or from the responsible parties. And, when you need to file a West Virginia automobile accident lawsuit to let a jury decide your case, our attorneys have the resources to obtain the evidence needed to prove liability and the courtroom skills to present an effective case.

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