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16 Sterling Drive, Suite 205, P. O. Box 768, Bridgeport, West Virginia 26330

COVID-19 and your case

We recognize that your case is important, and this fact is not changed by the precautions which are being taken to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

For now, our office remains open, and we are all here working. However, we are attempting to limit in-person meetings temporarily.

Cases which are not in litigation are proceeding as they normally would. Most insurance adjusters and opposing attorneys are in their offices or working from home, and thus are readily available. Documents which must be signed can be delivered either by mail or electronically, depending upon whether an original signature is required.

We will continue to take on new cases as well as work on existing cases, even if circumstances require us to do so from home. We have the technology that allows us to do that if it becomes necessary.

If your case is at a stage requiring in-person contact, the timing of those proceedings may be affected by matters outside of our control, such as court closures and bans on in-person meetings. However, even in those cases, we will attempt to keep your case moving as quickly as possible by using the latest technology and attempting to convince other involved parties to do so as well.

Simply put, our commitment is to keep your case moving while you remain safely in your home. You may rest assured that none of our social distancing procedures will keep us from working on your case.