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West Virginia Car Accident Lawyers Represent Clients Injured by Distracted Driving

Getting justice for crash victims hurt by drivers on cell phones in Bridgeport

Distracted driving has existed for as long as there have been cars. Drivers talk to passengers, apply makeup, read newspapers and adjust the radio. While cell phones and electronic devices have made lives easier, they have also provided new sources of distraction to occupy drivers when they are behind the wheel. A driver on his or her phone cannot pay complete attention to the road, even when they are using a hands-free device. When drivers text, e-mail or use social media, their eyes are averted from the road, creating even more danger. The distracted driving accident lawyers at the West Virginia firm of Kaufman & McPherson, PLLC help victims of car accidents and truck wrecks throughout the state.

Laws prohibiting distracted driving in West Virginia

In 2012, West Virginia passed Senate Bill No. 211, a law that prohibits people from texting while driving or using a cell phone without a hands-free device. In the time it takes to read a text message, a driver on the highway will have traveled the length of a football field with their eyes averted from the road. In addition to texting, the law also bans any form of typing or reading on the phone while driving, including e-mailing and messaging. Drivers are also banned from playing games while operating a vehicle. Any task that involves the use of the hands to operate an electronic device is estimated to triple the risk of a crash. Drivers under 18 years old face additional restrictions.

Our attorneys take highway safety seriously. When one of our clients is hurt due to distracted driving, our auto accident attorneys do everything in their power to get our client the maximum recovery allowed under the law.

Distracted driving accidents in WV

In 2013, over 3,000 Americans were killed in accidents involving a distracted driver. The federal government estimates that 27% of the distracted drivers involved in crashes are in their 20s. Many more are teens. Other adults are also responsible for serious and fatal car accidents.

In addition to texting, other distractions that cause West Virginia car accidents include:

  • Reading maps
  • Using a navigation system
  • Watching videos
  • Grooming
  • Using a hands-free device

Unfortunately, studies have found that using a hands-free device is not substantially safer than using a cell phone to talk. Our attorneys have the experience necessary to hold negligent drivers responsible for their actions.

Steps to take after a distracted driving accident

The first thing you should do after a car accident is to get to a safe location if possible. Make sure everyone else is safe and call the police. You should always seek medical attention, as you may not realize the extent of your injuries right away. Be careful never to admit fault to an insurance company or the police, and never apologize for an accident. Once you are safe, you should contact an experienced West Virginia car accident law firm to help you get compensation for your injuries. Our attorneys deal with insurers and the legal system for you so you can focus on healing.

Call now for help after a distracted driving car wreck

If you have been hurt in a car accident or a truck accident in Bridgeport and throughout West Virginia, you need the assistance of an experienced attorney. At Kaufman & McPherson, PLLC, we are dedicated to helping victims injured by distracted drivers. Our attorneys work hard to get you the settlement or damages award that you deserve. Call us today at 304-842-4300 or contact us online to schedule an initial free consultation.