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West Virginia Child Custody Lawyers Assert Your Parental Rights

Bridgeport law firm develops fair and manageable parenting plans

Your child means the world to you. That’s why child custody is often the most intensely litigated issue in a divorce, and frequently continues to be an issue for parents after their divorce is finalized. The attorneys at Kaufman & McPherson, PLLC understand how passionately you love your children. We help you resolve complicated child custody disputes and arrive at a manageable parenting plan that can win court approval. If you need to modify your parenting plan at any time, we are here to assist, with responsive and creative solutions that uphold your parental rights and serve the best interests of your children.

Understanding the basics of WV child custody law

Before deciding what kind of a custody arrangement you want, there are some basic terms you must understand:

  • Legal custody — The authority to make decisions for the child’s health, welfare and education
  • Physical custody — The responsibility of providing shelter for the child and meeting physical needs such as food and clothing
  • Visitation — The right of a noncustodial parent to enjoy frequent, meaningful parenting time with the children
  • Sole legal and physical custody — An arrangement where one parent makes major decisions for the child’s health and welfare and provides a residence for the child while the other parent has scheduled parenting time (visitation) with the child
  • Sole legal with joint physical custody — One parent makes major decisions for the child’s health and welfare, but the child resides part-time with each parent.
  • Joint legal with sole physical custody — Parents confer on decisions regarding the child’s health and welfare, but one parent provides a residence and the other has visitation. The court may appoint a third party to arbitrate disputes when parents cannot agree, or give one parent the final say on issues with which that parent has specialized knowledge.
  • Joint legal and physical custody — Parents share decision-making authority and each provides a part-time residence for the child

West Virginia courts favor shared parenting arrangements, with a schedule of overnights for each parent.  However, this arrangement is not practical or desirable in all situations. Our experienced West Virginia divorce attorneys understand the sensitive and personal nature of custody cases. We are committed to providing the attention and advocacy your case deserves.

For more than 30 years, our family law attorneys have helped parents draw up new agreements and make modifications to existing custody orders. We make sure that your specific needs, and the needs of your child, are met.

Contact our Bridgeport attorneys today for help with your child custody matter

Your child custody dispute deserves the attention of a dedicated and experienced attorney. Whether you are contemplating divorce or need to modify an existing child custody order, Kaufman & McPherson, PLLC can help. Call us at 304-842-4300 or contact our firm online to schedule a consultation.