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Divorce Attorneys in Clarksburg—How to Evaluate a Good Attorney

Important decisions made during divorce can affect the rest of your life. At Kaufman & McPherson, PLLC, we know that the divorce attorney in Clarksburg you choose makes a difference in the outcome of your divorce.

How you evaluate an attorney may largely depend on your objectives. Some Clarksburg divorce attorneys are aggressive by nature, which lends well to litigation in a hotly disputed divorce. Other divorce attorneys may be known for their negotiating skills and serve you well in an out-of-court settlement. Are you hoping to settle issues amicably, quickly, and as cost-effectively as possible? If so, an out-of-court settlement may better suit your situation—whether accomplished through negotiation, mediation, or collaborative divorce.

Collaborative divorce is a popular approach to divorce. Spouses and their Clarksburg collaborative attorneys work together as a team, often using outside professionals such as financial advisors or marriage counselors to suggest constructive solutions to disputed issues.

Becoming informed about the ways to approach divorce, discussing divorce grounds, and considering the challenges you expect to arise are good starting points in a first consultation with a divorce lawyer.

Facts to consider about Clarksburg divorce attorneys

  • Focus and experience. Some law firms handle cases in many different areas of law. Finding a firm that focuses a significant aspect of its practice on divorce ensures that lawyers have experience with divorce cases.
  • Compatibility. If you find the lawyer intimidating or difficult to speak with, you may never have the chance to discuss your objectives and ensure the attorney is sensitive to your needs. The more open your communication and the more comfortable you feel with your lawyer, the more likely you are to coordinate your efforts in helping to achieve your legal goals.
  • Commitment. Some law firms take so many cases that their efforts are spread too thin and they cannot devote the time your case deserves. If your firm provides you with personal attention and is responsive to your needs, you can see you are placing your case in good hands.
  • Accessibility. Divorce is not an easy matter, and situations may arise where you need to speak with your lawyer. Firms that provide easy access to their lawyers allow you to get the legal help you need, when you need it most.

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